How to change dns server windows 10?

You can use these techniques to modify the DNS servers in Windows 10:

1. Select Network Settings: The network icon in the system tray can be right-clicked.
From the context menu, choose "Open Network & Internet settings".

2. Access Network Settings: Select "Change adapter options" from the "Advanced network settings" section of the Settings window. The Network Connections window will open as a result.

3. Choose Network Adapter: A list of network adapters will appear in the Network Connections box. Select the network adapter (e.g., Ethernet or Wi-Fi) that you are presently using to connect to the internet.
From the context menu, pick "Properties" after performing a right-click on the network adapter of your choice.

4. To access IPv4 Properties, scroll down the Properties window's list of items and look for "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)".
After making your selection, select "Properties" from the menu.

5. Configure DNS Servers: You can modify IP address settings using the IPv4 properties box.
Make your selection by selecting "Use the following DNS server addresses."
Type in the DNS servers' IP addresses that you wish to use. If you have additional DNS server addresses, you can input them in addition to your preferred ones.
Google DNS ( and and Cloudflare DNS ( and are two well-liked DNS server choices.
To save your modifications, click "OK".
It is occasionally necessary to restart your network adapter for the modifications to take effect.

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