HTML Code for Button

Introduction to HTML Button

HTML buttons are an essential part of web development. They are used to create interactive elements that users can click to perform actions such as submitting a form, navigating to a different page, or triggering a JavaScript function. In this blog post, we will explore the HTML code for creating buttons and learn how to customize their appearance and behavior.

Creating a Basic Button

To create a basic button in HTML, you can use the <button> element. Here's an example of the HTML code for a simple button:

Styling and Customizing Buttons

HTML buttons can be easily styled and customized using CSS. You can change the button's size, color, font, and more to match your website's design. Additionally, you can add hover effects and transition animations to enhance the button's interactivity.

Adding Button Attributes

HTML buttons support various attributes that can modify their behavior and appearance. For instance, you can add the 'disabled' attribute to make a button inactive, or the 'onclick' attribute to specify a JavaScript function to execute when the button is clicked.

Example Code

<button>Click Me</button>

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