HTML Code for Indent

What is HTML Indent?

HTML indent is used to create white space or indentation within the HTML code to make it more readable and organized. It is often used to structure the code and improve its clarity.

Benefits of Using Indentation in HTML

1. Improved Readability: Indentation makes the code easier to read and understand by visually separating different sections of the HTML document. 2. Code Organization: It helps in organizing the HTML code and identifying the hierarchy of elements and attributes. 3. Debugging: Proper indentation can assist in quickly identifying errors and debugging the code.

How to Indent in HTML

To indent in HTML, developers can use the <pre> and <code> tags to preserve white space and display the code as it is written. By including the code within these tags, the indentation and formatting will be retained when the HTML document is rendered in a web browser.

Example Code

      <p>This is an example of indented HTML code.</p>

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