HTML Code for Qoutes

Introduction to HTML Quotes

HTML offers a simple and effective way to add quotations to your web pages. By using the <blockquote> and <q> tags, you can easily include quotations and cite the source in your HTML documents.

The <blockquote> Tag

The <blockquote> tag is used to indicate that the enclosed text is a lengthy quotation. It is a block-level element and is commonly styled by web browsers with an indentation.

The <q> Tag

The <q> tag is used for shorter, inline quotations within a paragraph. Browsers typically surround the content in double quotation marks.

Using the cite Attribute

Both the <blockquote> and <q> tags support the cite attribute, which can be used to provide the source or reference for the quotation. It is a good practice to include the cite attribute to properly cite the origin of the quote.

Example Code

<p>Here is a quote using the <blockquote> tag:</p> <blockquote cite="">This is a lengthy quotation.</blockquote> <p>Here is a quote using the <q> tag:</p> <p>This is an inline <q cite="">quotation</q> within a sentence.</p>

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