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Add space in html

When working with HTML, it's important to understand how to create space within your content. Adding space can improve the readability and aesthetics of your webpage. Let's explore the different ways to add space using HTML code.

How to add space in html

One way to add space in HTML is by using the non-breaking space entity,  . This entity creates a single space character that prevents the browser from collapsing multiple consecutive spaces into a single space. It is commonly used to add spacing between words and elements.

Using the <br> Tag

Another way to add space in HTML is by using the line break tag, <br>. This tag creates a line break in the content, which effectively adds vertical space. It is useful for creating a new line or separating content into paragraphs.

Using Margins and Padding

In addition to using specific HTML entities and tags, you can also add space by adjusting the margins and padding of elements using CSS. This allows for more precise control over the spacing within your webpage.

Example Code

<p>This is a line with   space.</p>
<p>This is a line with<br> line break.</p>

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