HTML Code for Tab

What are Tabs in HTML?

Tabs in HTML are a way to organize and present content in a visually appealing and user-friendly manner. They allow users to switch between different sections of content within the same webpage.

How to Implement Tabs in HTML?

To implement tabs in HTML, you can use a combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You can use the <div> element to create the tabs and then handle the tab switching functionality using JavaScript.

Example Code

      .tab {
        display: none;
    <div class="tab" id="tab1">
      Content of Tab 1
    <div class="tab" id="tab2">
      Content of Tab 2
    <div class="tab" id="tab3">
      Content of Tab 3

Customizing the Tab Design

You can customize the design of the tabs using CSS to make them visually appealing. This includes styling the tabs, defining the active tab, and adding transitions for a smooth user experience.

Adding Functionality with JavaScript

To make the tabs interactive, you can use JavaScript to handle tab switching. This involves adding event listeners to the tabs and toggling the display of content based on the user's interaction.

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