HTML Code for Color picker

Introduction to HTML Color Picker

HTML color picker is a built-in tool that allows users to select a color from a predefined palette or define custom colors using a graphical interface. It is commonly used in web development to enhance the visual appeal of websites and web applications.

The Input Type Color

In HTML, the color picker is implemented using the input type "color". When this input type is used, it renders a color picker widget that can be interacted with to choose a color. The selected color can then be used in conjunction with CSS to style various elements on a web page.

Attributes and Usage

When using the input type "color", the "value" attribute can be used to specify the default color selected in the color picker. Additionally, the "disabled" attribute can be used to make the color picker non-editable. Once a color is selected, the value (in hexadecimal format) can be accessed via JavaScript or used to style elements directly.

Styling the Color Picker

Although the appearance of the color picker widget may vary slightly between different web browsers, its overall functionality remains consistent. However, it is possible to apply custom CSS to style the color picker to better align with the overall design of a website, if required.

Example Code

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