HTML Code for Blink

Introduction to Blink Tag in HTML

The <blink> tag in HTML is used to make the text or content blink on a web page. However, it is deprecated in HTML5 and should be avoided as it can be annoying and distracting to users. It is generally considered a bad practice to use the <blink> tag.

Why <blink> tag should be avoided

The <blink> tag can be irritating to users and can cause accessibility issues for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Additionally, it has been deprecated in HTML5 and may not be supported in future web technologies. In modern web design, it is better to use CSS or JavaScript to achieve similar effects in a more controlled and user-friendly manner.

Alternative to <blink> tag

Instead of using the <blink> tag, CSS animations or JavaScript can be employed to create blinking effects or any other desired visual effects on web pages. These methods offer more flexibility and control over the behavior of the blinking elements, and also allow for graceful degradation in older browsers that do not support the latest CSS features.

Example Code

<!DOCTYPE html>
    .blink {
      animation: blinker 1s linear infinite;
    @keyframes blinker {
      50% { opacity: 0; }
  <p class="blink">This text will blink</p>

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