HTML Code for Ampersand

Introduction to Ampersand in HTML

Ampersand (&) is a special character in HTML and is used to represent the symbol '&' in web pages. When writing HTML code, it's important to use the correct syntax for the ampersand to ensure proper rendering in web browsers.

HTML Character Entity for Ampersand

In HTML, the correct way to display the ampersand symbol is by using the character entity reference &. This ensures that the ampersand is interpreted as data rather than markup, preventing any parsing errors.

Using Ampersand in URLs

When including URLs in HTML code, it's important to use & instead of just & to represent the ampersand in query strings. This is necessary because the & symbol has a special meaning in URLs as a separator for query parameters.

Example Code

<p>This is an example of using &amp; in HTML</p>

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