How to write our story for wedding website?

Sharing your journey as a couple with your friends, family, and visitors through writing your story for a wedding website is an amazing opportunity. Begin with a warm greeting and your introduction. Describe your first meeting and emphasize any special moments. Tell us about the occasion of your engagement. Tell the tale of the proposal, mentioning the location and circumstances. Think back on your relationship's journey. Talk about the turning points and encounters that have molded your bond. Consider the traits you both find admirable in one another as well as the ways you both encourage and enhance one another. Together, discuss your goals and intentions for the future, like starting a family, seeing the world, or following your passions. Give a sincere thank-you to your loved ones at the end of your story for their encouragement and support. Add pictures to your story that highlight meaningful milestones in your relationship, including engagement pictures, trip adventures, or unposed group portraits. Once your story is complete, post it for your guests to read and enjoy on your wedding website.

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