HTML Code for To insert an image

Introduction to HTML Image Insertion

HTML allows you to insert images on a web page using the <img> tag. Images are an essential part of web design, enhancing the visual appeal and conveying information.

Anatomy of the HTML Image Tag

The <img> tag is a self-closing tag in HTML and does not have a separate closing tag. It requires the 'src' attribute to specify the path to the image and the 'alt' attribute to provide alternative text for screen readers and in case the image fails to load.

Adding an Image to a Web Page

To insert an image using HTML, you can use the following syntax: <img src='image.jpg' alt='Description of the image'>

Configuring Image Attributes

In addition to the 'src' and 'alt' attributes, the <img> tag supports various other attributes such as 'width', 'height', 'title', 'align', etc. These attributes allow you to control the size, alignment, and behavior of the image on the web page.

Example Code

Description of the image

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