HTML Code for Text area

What is HTML Code for Text Area?

HTML code for text area is used to create a text input field in a web form where users can enter multiple lines of text. It allows users to input a larger amount of text compared to a single-line input field.

Creating a Text Area in HTML

To create a text area in HTML, you can use the <textarea> tag. This tag is used to define a multi-line text input control within an HTML form.

Attributes of the Text Area Tag

The <textarea> tag supports various attributes such as 'rows' for defining the visible number of lines in the text area, 'cols' for defining the visible width of the text area, and 'placeholder' for displaying a short hint or example text.

Styling the Text Area

You can style the text area using CSS to change its appearance, including the background color, font, border, and other visual aspects.

Example Code

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