HTML Code for Comment

Introduction to HTML Code for Comment

When creating a website, it's important to engage with the audience and allow for interactions. One way to do this is by enabling comments on web pages. In HTML, comments are used to add notes to the code, provide explanations, and can also be utilized to temporarily disable parts of the code without completely removing them.

Syntax for Adding HTML Comments

HTML comments are enclosed within <!-- and -->. Anything in between these delimiters is considered a comment and is not displayed in the browser. It's worth noting that HTML comments are visible in the source code of the web page, so they should not contain sensitive or confidential information.

Best Practices for Using HTML Comments

While HTML comments can be useful for developers to understand the code, it's important to use them judiciously. Overuse of comments can clutter the code and make it harder to read. Comments should be clear, concise, and provide valuable insights into the purpose of the code.

example code

<pre><code><!-- This is an example of an HTML comment --> <p>Hello, World!</p> <!-- <p>Goodbye, World!</p> --> </code></pre>

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