HTML Code for Centering

How to center text in html?

Centering content in HTML can be achieved using a few different methods. It's important to understand the various options and their potential impact on the overall structure and responsiveness of the web page.

Using CSS for Centering

One of the most common methods for centering content in HTML is by using CSS. The 'text-align' property can be used to center text and other inline elements within a parent container.

Centering Block Elements

To center block-level elements such as images or divs, the 'margin' property can be set to 'auto' along with a specific width. This method is particularly useful for horizontally centering elements.

Using Flexbox for Centering

Flexbox provides a powerful way to center content both horizontally and vertically. By setting the 'display' property of the parent container to 'flex' and using the 'justify-content' and 'align-items' properties, content can be centered with ease.

Example Code

<div style='text-align: center;'>Centered Content</div>

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